Finally, a Biometric Solution That Recognizes Users Wearing Face Masks and Doesn’t Require Touch

Finally, a Biometric Solution That Recognizes Users Wearing Face Masks and Doesn’t Require Touch

Sensory’s TrulySecure face and voice biometrics platform provides greater convenience and benefit for the new normal; capable of recognizing users wearing face masks, and can now recognize coughs and sneezes

Sensory, a Silicon Valley company pioneering AI at the edge, today announced that its TrulySecure face and voice biometric fusion platform has been adapted to help device and app developers create products for the new normal. With the ability to recognize users while wearing masks and accurately detect coughs and sneezes, TrulySecure provides greater convenience and safety for today’s environment, without compromising on user security.

As state and local governments around the world have started requiring people to wear face masks, many facial recognition systems, like those found on smartphones, are not able to function. Further, most facial recognition solutions cannot enroll the user’s face when partially covered by a mask. Data sensitive tasks that are reliant on facial recognition, like unlocking a phone, logging in to an app and processing a mobile payment fail to work. This leaves consumers frustrated and not able to access key functionality on their smartphone.

Sensory’s TrulySecure utilizes biometric fusion and multiple enrollments to avoid the limitations of typical facial recognition solutions.

Biometric Fusion of Face and Voice

By combining both face and voice into one SDK, developers can leverage both biometrics to address real-world challenges such as face masks or noisy environments. When faces are partially obstructed, the voice biometric provides the extra confidence needed to enable secure access. Alternatively, when used in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or sporting event, the voice biometric is enhanced with a facial recognition score. Developers can leverage both face and voice biometrics in real-time to provide a seamless, contact free experience to the end-user.

Multiple Enrollments

TrulySecure natively supports alternate appearances by enabling multiple enrollments. For example, users can enroll for facial recognition as they would normally and also create a second enrollment with a face mask on. Many competing software solutions block enrollment when a face mask is worn, but Sensory’s technology can train and use face even with a mask on. For ideal performance and user experience, enrollments for both face and voice can be saved with mask on and mask off. This way the software can always apply the appropriate template to ensure accurate recognition in all conditions.

“In unprecedented times like these, device manufacturers and app developers are being challenged to find new ways to keep people safe and secure,” said Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory. “TrulySecure does just that, allowing apps and devices to recognize and authenticate users in all conditions, even when wearing masks, thus eliminating the need for people to touch their face or remove their masks when in public. But we’re taking things a step further by updating the Sound ID component of TrulySecure to recognize certain noises that can be indicative of users being sick or around people who are sick.”

Added Features for Post Pandemic Life

Since early 2019, Sound ID has been a state-of-the-art feature within the TrulySecure suite of AI solutions. Sensory has now applied their expertise with deep learning model training to include cough and sneeze detection. At the public level, a technology capable of listening for, and recognizing the occurrence of coughs and sneezes can help business owners track the health of their employees, or cities generate health data statistics for the general population. At the personal level, smartphones and wearables can be used to track the health of users, and even alert them when their cough and sneeze count crosses a certain threshold.

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