VetCell Therapeutics USA Opens Enrollment for DentaHeal Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis Clinical Trial

VetCell Therapeutics USA Opens Enrollment for DentaHeal Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis Clinical Trial

Collaborating Veterinary Clinical Sites Will Provide DentaHeal Investigational Stem Cell Product to Enrolled Patients at No Cost


VetCell Therapeutics USA™, a clinical-stage, pet-focused cell therapy provider, announced today that it has entered the enrollment phase of its DentaHeal™ clinical trial. The company also announced the first four clinical sites authorized to qualify and treat FCGS patients with its DentaHeal investigational stem cell therapy. VetCell Therapeutics USA will cover the cost of its DentaHeal product for all enrolled patients.


This news builds upon last month’s announcement of VetCell Therapeutics USA beginning a multi-centered, country-wide clinical trial to evaluate the safety, efficacy and potency of DentaHeal for the control of clinical signs related to feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS).


“With the expert counsel from our partners at UC Davis, we have entered the patient enrollment stage of our DentaHeal clinical trial and are pleased to announce our first collaborating clinics,” said Dr. Chad Maki, DVM, chief veterinary medical officer at VetCell Therapeutics USA. “FCGS is an awful, painful, and deadly disease that today has no cure. We firmly believe that DentaHeal can correct the cause of FCGS, allowing cats to lead happy and healthy lives and are incredibly thankful for all of the clinics reaching out to join our fight against this disease.”


VetCell Therapeutics USA plans to cover several major metropolitan areas of the United States, with clinical sites being added to the trial regularly. The first DentaHeal clinical sites to sign up include:


Clinical Sites and Regional CoverageAddress and Contact InfoDoctors Involved
Aggie Animal Dental Center
(Serving San Francisco Bay Area)
487 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: 415-389-5917

Dr. Amy Fulton

Dr. Melinda Lommer

Dog & Cat Dentist, Inc.
(Serving Greater Los Angeles Area)
9599 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: 424-373-5002

Dr. Anson Tsugawa

Dr. Jenna Winer

Animal Dental Clinic
(Serving Portland Metropolitan Area)
15800 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd. Suite 300
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: 503-292-4533

Dr. Jean Battig

Dr. Randi Brannan

Dr. Sarah Bonner

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Minnesota
(Serving Minneapolis – Saint Paul Area)

University of Minnesota

Phone: 612-624-4723

Dr. Stephanie Goldschmidt


DentaHeal is an allogeneic, adipose-derived, mesenchymal stem cell treatment for FCGS. With this clinical trial, any cat with FCGS that has not responded to standard treatment options can be enrolled into this clinical trial.


According to published data, approximately 30 percent of FCGS patients do not respond to standard treatments and require life-long pain medication, antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs. Sadly, the cats that do not improve, even with implementation of improved dental hygiene, medication, and oral surgery, are often euthanized.


For pet owners with cats diagnosed with FCGS, please read our blog post titled, ‘What To Do if My Cat Has Been Diagnosed with FCGS,’ to learn more about FCGS, stem cells and VetCell Therapeutics USA’s DentaHeal clinical trial.


Veterinarians with patients suffering from FCGS whom are interested in enrolling their patient in the DentaHeal clinical trial are encouraged to contact the above four mentioned clinics for consultation. Interested veterinarians also may reach out to VetCell Therapeutics USA via email at, or fill by filling out the contact form at


For more information about VetCell Therapeutics USA please visit


About VetCell Therapeutics USA:

VetCell Therapeutics USATM is on a mission to improve the quality of life for ailing pets through the development of cell therapy treatments for chronic and acute inflammatory diseases. We are clinically testing cell-based treatments for multiple unmet veterinary medical needs and are in the process of seeking FDA approval for DentaHeal™ to treat FCGS.


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