Element Apothec to Set New Quality Standard for CBD Wellness and Clean Beauty Products

Element Apothec to Set New Quality Standard for CBD Wellness and Clean Beauty Products

SoCal Startup Focused on Clean, Phytocannabinoid-Infused Formulas Launches with a Complete Line of Premium Tinctures and Luxurious Topicals


Element Apothec, a purpose-driven, phytocannabinoid-infused clean beauty and wellness brand, today announced that it will be launching a premium line of self-care products in North America this fall. On a mission to create natural and effective products with the health of both the user and the environment in mind, Element Apothec holds itself to unparalleled standards in the CBD industry. The company’s line of products will be composed of only clean and natural ingredients, and responsibly sourced hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. All products will meet GFSI standards and are being manufactured following Food & Drug Administration’s GMP guidelines.


“We founded Element Apothec with the goal of helping people live better, healthier lives through cleaner, naturally-derived wellness products they can trust,” said Davina Kaonohi, CEO of Element Apothec. “We want to bring focus to the need for transparency and reshape consumer expectations for products containing CBD and other phytocannabinoids. I truly believe that consumers of CBD products deserve to know what they’re putting in and on their body. Element Apothec delivers on this, creating a new level of consumer trust through unrivaled transparency into its ingredients and supply chain.”


Crafted using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients, each Element Apothec product harnesses the power of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids that are carefully produced using advanced chromatography to deliver true, broad-spectrum CBD, CBN, and CBG, without THC. True to the brand’s “Never, Ever Promise,” every product is free of harmful or toxic substances including pesticides, heavy metals and more, and is never tested on animals.


Through its partnership with TagOne, Element Apothec takes this promise to another level by offering total transparency on its ingredients as well as the source of its ingredients. By scanning the QR code on every Element Apothec product packaging, customers are immersed in the product’s story, showing a traceability map that outlines the ‘seed to sale’ path for all of its natural ingredients.


At launch, Element Apothec will offer a range of clean beauty and wellness products, including:

  • Belle Visage Face Serum – a rich hydrator infused with CBD and CBG that supports the skin’s natural barrier while combating free radicals
  • Calm Cool Collected Oil Roller – a go-anywhere, roll-on blend infused with CBD and CBN that calms and relaxes the senses
  • Calm Cool Collected Tincture – a great-tasting CBD and CBG tincture for on-the-go lifestyles that provides calming relief wherever and whenever it’s needed
  • Nourish Lotion – a lightweight and luxurious CBD and CBG infused body lotion formulated to repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural beauty as it soothes and moisturizes
  • Relief Balm – provides soothing comfort and supports pain relief with a unique formulation of CBD, CBG, and CBN
  • Rest, Relax, Recover Tincture – encourages total relaxation, this CBD and CBN tincture boosts recovery and supports healthy sleep and rebalance


Element Apothec products will be available to customers in Q3 2020. Additionally, the company has started a WeFunder campaign to raise funds to begin mass production of its introductory product line, and further bolster product development.


For more information about Element Apothec, please visit www.elementapothec.com, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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About Element Apothec


Element Apothec is a clean nutraceutical, body care and wellness brand on a mission to set a new standard of quality in CBD-infused products. The brand offers a diverse line of products, including lotions, balms, serums and tinctures, each created with true, broad-spectrum phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and CBG.


Focused on developing innovative and natural formulations that utilize the well-documented benefits of CBD, other phytocannabinoids and plant-based remedies, Element Apothec is dedicated to cultivating consumer trust through complete transparency, reinforced by its “Never, Ever Promise” – a promise that it will never, ever use questionable or banned ingredients in the products it creates, or test its products on animals.


As a public benefit corp, Element Apothec is committed to bettering the world through responsible ingredient sourcing, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to not harming our planet.