SolidRun and Streamline Custom Imaging and Deployment of SolidSense Edge Gateways
With thousands of Linux-based software packages available,’s redpesk® platform reduces software image development time for SolidRun’s SolidSense N6 and N8 Edge Gateways
February 24, 2022

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SolidRun, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance edge computing solutions, today announced in collaboration with IoT.Bzh, an embedded open source software specialist, new Linux distributions available for SolidSense-branded enterprise-grade IoT edge gateways. These software packages are available to SolidSense customers via redpesk®, a SaaS platform that offers pre-integrated, ready-to-use software for a variety of industrial IoT applications.


“When it comes to deploying any enterprise or industrial computing solutions, a significant amount of time is spent engineering and testing software to ensure a problem-free deployment,” Dr. Atai Ziv, CEO at SolidRun. “The time required dramatically increases when solutions are deployed at scale, such is often the case with edge gateways. Working with has allowed us to further our value to customers by providing them access to thousands of Linux software solutions that have been tested for our SolidSense systems.”


redpesk® ( is a secure embedded all-in-one Linux software platform dedicated to Industrial IoT. It offers an easy-to-use pre-integrated CI/CD factory with more than 2,500 binary packages and a set of basic “ready-to-go” components that nearly every system requires. redpesk® fosters innovation, reduces development costs and time to market, while allowing software teams to scale deployments that benefit from long-term support (10+ years) and over-the-air updates.


“By pairing our redpesk® solution with SolidRun’s SolidSense edge gateways, we can offer customers a complete, turn-key solution comprised of hardware, and both essential and specialized Linux-based software to fit a variety of industrial IoT needs,” said Fulup Le Foll CEO at


All SolidSense Edge Gateways are OEM ready, but SolidRun will work with customers to configure custom systems to any industry’s or enterprise’s specific IoT needs.


SolidSense N8 Edge Gateways are available today from SolidRun at



About SolidRun

SolidRun is a global leading developer of embedded systems and network solutions, focused on a wide range of energy-efficient, powerful, and flexible products. Our innovative compact embedded solutions are based on ARM and x86 architecture and offer a variety of platforms including SOMs (System-on-Module), SBCs (Single Board Computer) and industrial mini-PCs.

SolidRun offers a one-stop-shop for developers and OEMs, providing a complete service from hardware customization to software support and even product branding and enclosure design. With a mission to simplify application development while overcoming deployment challenges, SolidRun proudly provides customers faster time-to-market and lower costs.

About is an expert embedded software company with strong recognition among the global open-source community for its Linux and cybersecurity solutions dedicated to Industrial IoT markets (automotive, maritime, military, aeronautics, energy…). proposes redpesk®, a secure embedded all-in-one Linux software platform that simplifies embedded Linux development and maintenance enabling customers to focus on their core business.

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