Monoprice Reveals 13- and 16-inch Monolith THX Ultra-Certified Powered Subwoofers
Engineered for spaces greater than 3,000 cubic feet in volume, these new subwoofers set the standard for bass output, low distortion, and reference-level bass
August 19, 2021



Monolith, the premium audio brand from Monoprice, today announces that it is adding 13- and 16-inch powered subwoofers to its growing line of affordable, THX Ultra-certified home theater solutions. Designed to provide an optimal soundstage in rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet, these two new subwoofers have been exhaustively tested by THX engineers to ensure they meet or exceed a high-performance standard. To achieve THX Ultra status, the engineers also extensively test the subwoofers to ensure they reach THX Reference Levels without added distortion or artifacts.

“With our new 13- and 16-inch subwoofers, we set out to reach an unprecedented new level of performance, while still offering the best value in the industry. With newly designed high-excursion drivers, 2000-watt DSP amplifiers, and THX Ultra certification, these new subwoofers have well exceeded that goal,” said Hobie Sechrest, Monolith Business Unit Manager, Monoprice.

Available immediately for $1,599.99 at, the new Monolith 13-inch THX Ultra-certified subwoofer offers performance and value without comprising anywhere. It features:

A New Driver Design:
This new 13-inch, high-excursion woofer was uniquely engineered using innovative processes and materials to achieve incredible efficiency and accuracy while easily handling huge amounts power.

Powerful DSP Tuned Class D Amplifiers:
Driving the woofer is a powerful, 2,000-watt (RMS)/3,800-watt (peak) Class-D amplifier featuring a 48-bit Texas Instruments® digital signal processor (DSP). This DSP allows Monolith to further refine system performance to deliver a precise, flat response from 16Hz to 250Hz, and maintain that accuracy at peak volume with minimal added distortion and artifacts.

A Stylish and Flexible Ported Enclosure:
On the outside, the subwoofer features a premium, simulated gray oak cabinet that is thoughtfully engineered of internally braced, high-density fiberboard to create a sonically inert enclosure that won’t vibrate or add unwanted resonance when pushed hard. A trio of 100mm double-flared ports minimize internal turbulence and maximize sound pressure levels at low frequencies. These ports add a bit of flexibility, allowing the subwoofer to operate in sealed, semi-sealed and ported configurations. Finishing the subwoofer is a floating grille designed to maximize air flow of the woofer and ports.

“Since its inception, our Monolith line of premium audio products has continued to reinforce Monoprice’s commitment to providing premium products at affordable prices. These new subwoofers take that commitment to new heights. Not only are they among the most affordable subwoofers in their class, but they also outperform the competition,” said Bernard Luthi, CEO at Monoprice. “With Monolith, you can have extreme performance and value without compromising on either.”

Details about the Monolith 16-inch THX Ultra-certified subwoofer will be unveiled closer to availability in October.

As with all Monolith THX Ultra-certified home theater solutions, these new subwoofers are backed by a 5-year replacement warranty, and a 30-day no questions asked return policy.

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