IOGEAR Launches Upstream 4K Game Capture Card with Team Chat for Consoles
Ideal for console gamers, this new capture adapter supports high-framerate 4K HDR passthrough, real-time 4K video and team chat audio capture on a PC via a single USB Type-C connection
May 31, 2022

IOGEAR, today added the UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Team Chat to its robust line of video capture solutions and production tools. This compact 4K HDMI capture adapter was engineered with premium, class-leading specs and robust compatibility with the latest game consoles. It works with popular broadcast software like OBS Studio, Streamlabs and Xsplit, and supports all content platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“Our UpStream product line was designed to make live streaming to friends and fans across the globe simple. With our new Upstream 4K Game Capture Card with Party Chat, we’re taking our streaming game further by unlocking endless possibilities for console gamers to capture and record gameplay in 4K, as well as the associated party chat audio from any game title, and stream it,” said Michael Volpe, director of marketing, IOGEAR.

Keeping in mind that gamers often use their consoles for more than gaming, the UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Team Chat features an HDCP toggle switch. HDMI capture adapters are incapable of handling HDCP-protected content, but instead of having to disconnect the capture adapter from their game console to enjoy this kind of content, users can simply flip a switch to allow protected content, like TV shows and movies streamed from popular content platforms, to pass through to their TV. HDCP-protected content cannot be captured by the adapter.

UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Built-In Party Chat Features:
  • Supports 4K @ 30Hz, 1440p @ 60Hz and 1080p @ 120Hz capture
  • Supports 4K @60Hz HDR input and passthrough
  • Supports up to 1440p @ 144Hz and 1080p @240Hz passthrough
  • Supports team chat recording for game consoles like Xbox or PS5 without the need for extra wires or adapters
  • Compatible with OBS software like StreamLabs and Xsplit
  • All cables for party chat are included with capture card
  • HDCP-protected content passthrough switch
  • UVC based driver

The UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Team Chat (GUV302G) from IOGEAR is available now at, at an MSRP of $129.99.