Clarion Marine Unveils Affordable Speaker Line for Open-Air Boating
CMS Speakers
August 11, 2020

Clarion’s New Line of Marine Speakers (CMS) Combines Rich Sound with Stylish Grille Designs and Optional RGB Illumination


Clarion Marine, a leader in marine-grade audio solutions, today announced the introduction of its all-new CMS line of marine coaxial speakers. Including three variations of a 6.5-inch full-range speaker: classic grille and sport grille with or without RGB lighting built-in. The new CMS speaker line extends the brand’s commitment to producing affordable, high quality and great sounding products to new levels.


“Clarion has a legacy of delivering quality products that offer uncompromising performance and value. Our new CMS speakers are no different and will lay the groundwork for Clarion Marine’s business for years to come,” said John Zimmerman, Clarion Marine product line manager. “Our customers will love the attention to detail that went into making these speakers so great!”


Quality Sound – Let’s Hear It


Ideal for source unit-powered systems, Clarion Marine CMS coaxial speakers are engineered using high-quality components that deliver excellent sound quality. Optimized for infinite-baffle (open-air) applications, CMS speakers feature a vacuum-formed polymer woofer cone body and marine-grade suspension components for deep lows and rich mids. They also feature a bridge-mounted, balanced-dome, polymer tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling for crystal-clear highs. Tweeters are protected by a high-pass tweeter filter that is integrated into the woofer basket.


New Signature Design


The CMS series is part of a new design signature for Clarion Marine speakers, with grille design options to complement all boat styles. The new CMS-series speakers are offered in ‘classic’ and ‘sport’ models, each including black and white grille options in the box. For boaters seeking to make a visual statement, the sport grille models can be ordered with integrated LED RGB illumination that creates a fun ambiance with nearly limitless lighting color options (RGB controller sold separately).


Salt & Sun Certified


Utilizing UV-treated, durable, marine-rated materials, the new CMS line of speakers and subwoofers are built to withstand years of use in harsh marine environments. Specifically engineered, marine grade polymers and finishes are employed for the chassis and grilles in the CMS lineup. A close attention to critical connection by points by the design team ensures protection from corrosion. All models are Salt and Sun Certified; built to exceed industry standards for salt-fog/UV exposure (ASTM B117/D4329) and shock/vibration resistance, ensuring excellent long-term durability.


Complete CMS Series


Clarion Marine CMS Speakers: All coaxial speaker models include both black and white grilles.


CMS-651-CWBClassic grille design: 6.5-inch marine coaxial system with 0.5-inch (13 mm) tweeter, 30W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $99.99/pair
CMS-651-SWBSport grille design: 6.5-inch marine coaxial system with 0.5-inch (13 mm) tweeter, 30W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $99.99/pair
CMS-651RGB-SWBSport grille design with RGB LED lighting: 6.5-inch marine coaxial system with 0.5-inch (13 mm) tweeter, 30W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $149.99/pair


All CMS speakers are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.


CMS series speakers are now available for purchase by authorized Clarion Marine retailers and will be incorporated into select model year 2021 boats as standard or optional equipment.


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About Clarion Marine:
With a history spanning eight decades, Clarion has long been recognized as a trendsetter in the audio space – pioneering in the marine audio category starting in 1995. From that point forward, Clarion Marine has built a reputation for providing marine-grade products that provide an uncompromising blend of performance, value, and durability. Today, Clarion Marine products come standard or as optional equipment from several top boat manufacturers and can be purchased at leading audio resellers and retailers globally. For more information, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.