Hiperwall Certified PCs From Seneca Come Optimized for Extreme AV-Over-IP Video Wall Performance

Hiperwall Certified PCs From Seneca Come Optimized for Extreme AV-Over-IP Video Wall Performance

Hiperwall, the ultra-flexible and highly secure software platform provider for IP-based video walls, today announced that Seneca, an Arrow Electronics company and manufacturer of purpose-built computing hardware, will provide a variety of pre-imaged Hiperwall Certified video wall controller PCs that are optimized for a range of video wall applications.

“The global hardware shortage has raised significant concerns among customers looking to deploy video wall solutions in the near term,” said Steve Woo, VP of Sales at Hiperwall. “Through our established agreement with Seneca, we’re not only able to deliver hardware in a timely manner, it also simplifies the process of choosing the right components for any video wall system configuration.”

Assembled in the USA, Hiperwall Certified PCs from Seneca can be delivered in rack mount and tower form factors and are purpose-built for specific functions. Depending on use case, and video wall capabilities required, Hiperwall Certified PCs from Seneca can be custom built to address specific customer needs. Available PCs include:

  • Hiperwall Certified Controller PCs are designed to efficiently run Hiperwall Control software. These PCs serve as the overall control center and brain of the Hiperwall video wall system. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall Controller software and all associated licenses for the video wall system ordered.
  • Hiperwall Certified HiperView PCs are optimized to power up to four 4K displays per system. In large video wall systems where multiple HiperView PCs are required, these PCs are perfectly synchronized ensuring that all content plays smoothly across multiple displays. Supporting Hiperwall’s industry-leading scalability, more HiperView PCs can be added to the system at any time to expand an existing video wall canvas. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall software.
  • Hiperwall Certified HiperView LED PCs are optimized to power today’s ultra-high resolution direct-view LED displays and feature hardware Genlock powered by Nvidia Sync ii cards. With no natural breaks or bezels between display panels, large direct-view LED installations require powerful graphics capabilities to drive a quality, perfectly synchronized viewing experience, free of undesirable breaks, image tearing and more. These PCs come pre-imaged Hiperwall HiperView LED software licenses as specified by customer order.
  • HiperSource Streamer PCs are optimized for video capture from external source devices such as a set-top-box, gaming systems and DVR systems using a capture card, as well as for streaming content played on a PC at high frame rates and resolution up to 4K. HiperSource Streamer PCs can be configured with zero, two, four or eight input video capture adapters. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall HiperSource Streamer software.
  • HiperSource IP Streams/Browser PCs are designed to bridge IP stream sources, like H.264 encoders, IP camera feeds, mapping systems, IoT data feeds and more, to a Hiperwall-powered video wall. These systems are also optimized for managing the playback of ultra-high resolution web content, or displaying the content of several high-resolution web pages on a video wall. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall HiperSource IP Streams and HiperSource Browser software.

“Working with Seneca to offer Hiperwall Certified PCs allows us to deliver incredible system performance, while also making system procurement easier than ever,” said Steven Wittwer, Director of Technical Services, Hiperwall, Inc. “With these systems, everything is tested and certified down to the driver level, and each PC ships with pre-selected drivers and hardware for the greatest level of system efficiency. Furthermore, each system is stress tested for 30 days to help ensureĀ  durability for mission-critical applications.”

All Seneca Hiperwall Certified PCs are backed by a 39-month warranty with next-business-day parts guarantee and include access to Seneca’s US-based pre- and post-sales support team. Hiperwall software and Seneca Hiperwall Certified PCs are available through SYNNEX.

About Hiperwall, Inc.

Hiperwall, Inc., a leading company in next generation video wall systems and distributed visualization software technology, is transforming the industry by eliminating the need for specialized servers, matrix switches, tangled cables and time-consuming training in favor of a solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the budget. Hiperwall has eliminated these barriers by developing a software-based video wall system that is completely hardware agnostic, allowing users to deploy systems with nothing more than commonly available PCs, monitors and network equipment. For more information, visitĀ www.hiperwall.com.

TAE Technologies Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

TAE Technologies Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is recognizing TAE Technologies CEO Michl Binderbauer as one of the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022 at its Builders and Innovators Summit in Healdsburg, California.

Goldman Sachs selected Binderbauer from multiple industries to be honored at the two-day event.

TAE was founded to commercialize a completely safe, sustainable, non-radioactive source of carbon-free energy, capable of meeting humanity’s growing energy needs without impacting the environment.

Born in Austria, Binderbauer emigrated to the United States and first joined TAE as Chief Technology Officer in 1998 and was appointed CEO in 2018. Binderbauer is a co-inventor of many of the company’s technological advances in fusion energy, power management, and particle accelerators.

TAE operates on a “money-by-milestone” basis, driven by the work of more than 400 experienced employees. The company has been granted more than 1,100 patents and has developed six generations of National Laboratory-scale devices to deliver fusion power to the grid in the early 2030s.

“I am honored that Goldman Sachs is recognizing TAE’s role in the coming energy transition,” said Binderbauer. “Over the last two decades, TAE has become the industry leader in non-radioactive fusion power and leveraged the company’s innovations in fusion research for commercial spinoffs in power management, energy storage, electric mobility, grid efficiency, and fast charging to form the backbone of an electrified clean energy ecosystem.”

“We’re delighted to recognize Michl as one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs of 2022,” said David M. Solomon, Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. “They have made extraordinary contributions to a wide range of fields, and all of us are looking forward to meeting with these innovative thinkers.”

In addition to honoring the most exceptional entrepreneurs, the Summit consists of general sessions and clinics led by seasoned entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders as well as resident scholars.

About TAE Technologies

TAE Technologies (pronounced T-A-E) was founded in 1998 to develop commercial fusion power with the cleanest environmental profile. The company’s pioneering work represents the fastest, most practical, and economically competitive solution to bring abundant clean energy to the grid. With over 1,800 patents filed globally and over 1,100 granted, $1.2 billion in private capital raised, five generations of National Laboratory-scale devices built and two more in development, and an experienced team of over 400 employees, TAE is now on the cusp of delivering this transformational energy source capable of sustaining the planet for thousands of years.

The company’s revolutionary technologies have produced a robust portfolio of commercial innovations in large adjacent markets such as power management, energy storage, electric mobility, fast charging, life sciences, and more. TAE is based in California, and maintains international offices in the UK and Switzerland. Multidisciplinary and mission-driven by nature, TAE is leveraging proprietary science and engineering to create a bright future.