Researchers See Promising Results Reversing COVID-19 / ARDS- Related Lung Damage Using ApelinDx Broad-Spectrum CBD Inhaler

Researchers See Promising Results Reversing COVID-19 / ARDS- Related Lung Damage Using ApelinDx Broad-Spectrum CBD Inhaler

The patent-pending broad-spectrum CBD formulation in ApelinDx has shown in lab studies to boost Apelin peptide levels and reduce deadly inflammation in the lungs caused by COVID-19

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TM Global Bioscience, LLC, a medically-focused division of ThriftMaster Global Holdings, today announced that the patent-pending broad-spectrum CBD formulation in its ApelinDx™ metered dose inhaler may increase survival rates of COVID-19 patients.

In mouse studies conducted by Augusta University’s associate dean of research Dr. Babak Baban and Dr. Jack Yu, recipient of America’s Top Doctors award five years in a row, ApelinDx showed positive results in reducing the COVID-19-induced cytokine storm that causes deadly inflammation and tissue damage in the lungs by increasing levels of apelin. Apelin is a naturally-occurring peptide with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Blood levels of the apelin peptide in mice infected with COVID-19 drop to near-zero levels. When treated with a metered dose of ApelinDx the peptide levels in infected mice increased about 20x, nearly normalizing lung function and blood oxygen saturation. Additionally, the inhaled broad-spectrum CBD seemed to reverse physical lung damage in laboratory models of deadly adult respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS.

“When we uncovered a link between apelin levels and COVID-19 related lung inflammation we started testing an intravenously injected CBD treatment model,” said Dr. Baban. “We quickly realized that a more direct delivery mechanism was needed to maximize the apelin-boosting effects of CBD in the lungs in order to limit the damaging inflammation caused by the cytokine storm. ApelinDx proved significantly more effective at restoring normal apelin levels and normal lung function than we initially hypothesized. We are engaged in animal and human studies with ApelinDx™ to further examine the long-term therapeutic and potential prophylactic effects of the treatment.”

ApelinDx is a patent-pending, all-natural, inhaled, broad-spectrum CBD formulation delivered in precisely metered doses using an inhaler composed solely of FDA-approved components and propellant. Produced in a GMP compliant facility to strict guidelines for quality and purity, the broad-spectrum CBD and proprietary suspension is composed of all-natural ingredients. CBD products are not currently regulated by the FDA.

Dr. Yu and Dr. Baban, are currently conducting clinical safety studies and an expanded range of preclinical efficacy studies of ApelinDx at Augusta University. Human clinical safety study and efficacy study results are expected to be published before the end of the year.

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About TM Global Bioscience, LLC.

TM Global Bioscience was founded with a mission of developing effective treatments for critical illnesses based on the natural healing properties of hemp- and cannabis-derived cannabinoids. The company is working closely with leading medical experts to uncover cannabinoid-based treatments for complex disease models. With ApelinDx™, TM Global Bioscience is the first company to develop an inhaled therapeutic for COVID-19 / ARDS Related composed of broad-spectrum CBD suspended in a specialized, easily-atomized slurry of natural ingredients, delivered in precisely metered doses using an inhaler – patent pending.