Clarion Marine Launches New Premium Speaker Line

Clarion Marine Launches New Premium Speaker Line

The New CMSP speaker line features a sleek, modern design to fit a wide range of uses, optional RGB LED illumination and excellent power handling


Clarion Marine, a leader in marine-grade audio solutions, today announced the introduction of an all-new line of premium coaxial speakers and subwoofers for marine applications. Offered in 6.5- and 7.7-inch, the new CMSP coaxial, full-range speakers and matching 10-inch subwoofers benefit from Clarion’s decades of experience in marine audio design.


“This was a clean-sheet, premium speaker line initiative, and we refused to settle for anything less than truly exceptional,” said John Zimmerman, Clarion Marine product line manager, JL Audio, Inc. “The CMSP line is a true testament to Clarion Marine’s reputation for lasting durability and value. This line is also representative of a shift in direction for brand styling, which will be seen in many more products to come. Our customers will be blown away by the value of this lineup.”

Premium Performance – Let’s Hear It


The CMSP premium marine coaxial speakers feature a bridge-mounted, edge-driven, silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling for outstanding high-frequency detail. Integrated within the woofer basket, away from the elements, is a second-order, high-pass tweeter filter. With the tweeter being suspend across the woofer cone, the woofer assembly is completely sealed from the front, to eliminate a common failure point of typical coaxial speakers. This design also creates more woofer cone surface area, which translates to better efficiency and output. The injection-molded woofer cone with purpose shaped center cap and marine-grade suspension components deliver low distortion and excellent midrange response. Available in 6.5-inch with, or without optional built-in RGB LED lighting or 7.7-inch, with built-in RGB LED lighting.


The CMSP series also includes a powerful 10-inch subwoofer optimized for infinite-baffle applications, thus not requiring a dedicated enclosure behind the subwoofer. The CMSP premium marine subwoofer feature a long-excursion design capable of high power-handling, to deliver impactful low frequency response with low distortion. Available in single four-ohm or single two-ohm voice coil models, for system design versatility, with built-in RGB LED lighting.

Premium Look, Premium Materials


The CMSP series serves as an exciting evolution in Clarion Marine’s speaker design. Featuring a modern, hexa-parallel sport grille design with an elegant metallic accent, the new Clarion Marine CMSP speakers and subwoofers complement even the most luxurious boat models. All CMSP speakers come with both gunmetal and white “sport’ grilles included in the box. The CMSP subwoofer “sport” grilles are available in gunmetal or white as well (grilles sold separately). Accenting the look of the new CMSP line is the built-in LED RGB lighting capable of producing nearly any color you can think of (RGB controller sold separately).

Salt & Sun Certified


Utilizing UV-treated, durable, marine-rated materials, the new CMSP line of speakers and subwoofers are built to withstand years of use in harsh marine environments. Specifically engineered, marine grade polymers and finishes were employed for the chassis and grilles in the CMSP lineup. The design team paid close attention to critical connection points and protected them to prevent corrosion. In addition, all CMSP-series speakers feature secure, waterproof wire connectors to protect wires from water intrusion and corrosive elements, as well as help keep them from ever coming loose. All models are built to exceed industry standards for salt-fog/UV exposure (ASTM B117/D4329) and shock/vibration resistance, ensuring excellent long-term durability.

Complete CMSP Series


Clarion Marine CMSP Speakers and Subwoofers: All coaxial speaker models include both gunmetal and white “sport” grilles with built-in RGB LED lighting optional on 6-5-inch speakers and included on 7.7-inch speakers. Gunmetal and white “sport” grilles for subwoofer models are sold separately.


CMSP-651-SWG6.5-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter; 50W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $149.99/pair


CMSP-651RGB-SWG6.5-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter and built-in RGB lighting; 50W @ 4 ohms – MSRP: $199.99/pair


CMSP-771RGB-SWG7.7-inch premium marine coaxial speakers with 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter and built-in RGB lighting; 60W @ 4 ohms: MSRP: $239.99/pair
CMSP-101RGB-410-inch Premium 4-ohm single voice coil subwoofer with built-in RGB lighting; 250W @ 4 ohms: MSRP: $179.99 each
CMSP-101RGB-210-inch Premium 2-ohm single voice coil subwoofer with built-in RGB lighting; 250W @ 2 ohms: MSRP: $179.99 each
CMGP-101-SW10-inch sport grille for CMSP subwoofer – white: MSRP: $24.99/each
CMGP-101-SG10-inch sport grille for CMSP subwoofer – gunmetal: MSRP: $24.99/each


All CMSP speakers and subwoofers are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.


CMSP series speakers and subwoofers are now available for purchase by authorized Clarion Marine retailers and will be incorporated into select model year 2021 boats as standard or optional equipment.


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About Clarion Marine:
With a history spanning eight decades, Clarion has long been recognized as a trendsetter in the audio space – pioneering in the marine audio category starting in 1995. From that point forward, Clarion Marine has built a reputation for providing marine-grade products that provide an uncompromising blend of performance, value and durability. Today, Clarion Marine products come standard or as optional equipment from several top boat manufacturers and can be purchased at leading audio resellers and retailers globally. For more information, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.

VetCell Therapeutics USA Gets FDA Authorization for DentaHeal FCGS Clinical Trial

VetCell Therapeutics USA Gets FDA Authorization for DentaHeal FCGS Clinical Trial

Conducted in collaboration with researchers from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, this is the first country-wide clinical trial to evaluate the safety, efficacy and potency of VetCell Therapeutics’ feline allogeneic MSC therapy for treating FCGS

VetCell Therapeutics USA™, a clinical-stage, pet-focused cell therapy division of PrimeGen US Inc., announced today that it has received authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin a multi-centered, country-wide clinical trial to evaluate the safety, effectiveness and potency of DentaHeal™, its investigational cell therapy product, for the control of clinical signs related to feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS). The 200-cat trial will focus solely on treating patients with FCGS that have not responded to full- or partial-mouth extractions and medical therapy.

This authorization represents a major milestone for VetCell Therapeutics USA, as it can now treat feline patients suffering from FCGS with DentaHeal. DentaHeal is an allogeneic, adipose – derived, mesenchymal stem cell treatment. This minimally invasive, intravenously administered cell therapy may help to correct immune abnormalities associated with FCGS in cats.

This novel therapy was developed at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where Dr. Boaz Arzi DVM, DAVDC, DEVDC, FF-AVDC-OMFS led a successful clinical trial of an investigational MSC product. That pilot study provided the foundation for a patent, which VetCell Therapeutics USA acquired in order to pursue FDA approval for its DentaHeal cell therapy.

Approximately 30 percent of FCGS patients do not respond to standard treatments and require life-long pain medication, antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs. Sadly, the cats that do not improve, even with implementation of improved dental hygiene, medicines, and oral surgery, are often euthanized.

“FCGS is a terribly debilitating, immune-mediated disease and sadly, the outlook for cats that do not respond to available treatments is bleak,” said Dr. Chad B. Maki DVM, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, VetCell Therapeutics USA. “Our vision is that DentaHeal will dramatically improve the quality of life for cats with FCGS by completely resolving or substantially improving their condition and provide them with long-term remission and relief.”

Currently, there is no FDA-approved cell therapy product for treating FCGS. The intent of this investigational trial is to evaluate DentaHeal as an innovative, drug-free treatment for FCGS. Led by principal investigator Dr. Boaz Arzi, up to 200 cats will be enrolled based on the protocol eligibility criteria as assessed by experienced board-certified veterinarians. This trial will be conducted in collaboration with UC Davis’ Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures (VIRC).

“This is a massive milestone for VetCell Therapeutics USA. Our dedicated and passionate team has worked tirelessly to advance to the clinical stage, and I believe the work being put into R&D and clinical trials will position VetCell as the catalyst for cell therapy becoming a mainstay of veterinary medicine,” said Tom C.K. Yuen, founder and chairman of PrimeGen Global, the parent company of VetCell Therapeutics USA.

VetCell Therapeutics USA plans to start recruitment for this clinical trial this month.

To learn more about the FCGS stem cell trial, please visit For more information about VetCell Therapeutics USA please visit

To learn more about the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and its research conducted on stem cells at the Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures, please visit

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About VetCell Therapeutics USA:

VetCell Therapeutics USA™ is on a mission to improve the quality of life for ailing pets through the development of cell therapy treatments for chronic and acute inflammatory diseases. We are clinically testing cell-based treatments for multiple unmet veterinary medical needs and are in the process of seeking FDA approval for DentaHeal™ to treat FCGS.

To help further advance and streamline its clinical research program, VetCell Therapeutics USA is seeking strategic partnerships with some of the world’s highest-regarded veterinarian specialists.

VetCell Therapeutics USA and DentaHeal are trademarks of PrimeGen US, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PrimeGen Global, Inc.

About PrimeGen Global, Inc

PrimeGen Global is a multinational clinical cell treatment provider with a robust pipeline of products targeting several inflammatory diseases. From its inception, PrimeGen Global has been at the forefront of numerous cell therapy breakthroughs and led in pioneering roles in many of the exciting cell therapy applications either in use or being explored today, including reprogramming of adult multipotent stem cells, fertility preservation, the derivation of iPSCs, and clinical use of MSCs.

PrimeGen continues to maintain a leadership role in the cellular therapy industry and is working diligently toward its vision of making cell therapies a viable treatment for numerous diseases in the years ahead.  More at

About UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine:

The #1 world-ranked veterinary school focuses on serving the people of California and the world by providing educational, research, clinical service and public service programs of the highest quality to advance the health of animals, people and the environment. More at

About UC Davis, Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures:

The Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures mission is to pioneer regenerative medicine cures for animals and people. More at

HidraLink by Hiperwall Provides a First Line of Defense Against the Spread of Coronavirus

HidraLink by Hiperwall Provides a First Line of Defense Against the Spread of Coronavirus

Supporting video walls with up to four 4K displays, HidraLink is ideal for instantly screening high-traffic areas, as well as displaying interactive tips, distancing guidelines and virus news

Hiperwall, Inc., an industry leader in commercialized video wall technology, unveils HidraLink™, a new video wall software solution that gives reopening businesses a first line of defense against the spread of coronavirus via widespread, transparent temperature monitoring of staff and customers. Targeting small businesses, this affordable solution offers peace of mind through less intrusive temperature screening and can be used to publicly display a thermal imaging camera feed on wall mounted displays.

While serving as an excellent means of reassuring customers and employees that their health is a top priority, HidraLink is also a great platform for small businesses that want to install multi-display signage or quad-display video walls in their lobbies or showrooms. With support for up to four displays in any configuration, HidraLink is a flexible and secure solution for displaying impactful messaging, distancing guidelines, news, advertisements and more.

“Since inception, Hiperwall has continuously worked to build and manage cost-effective video wall software solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Tom Scott, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc. “Now, with businesses facing the unprecedented difficulty of navigating operation in the wake of COVID-19, Hiperwall’s HidraLink offers a unique, accessible solution to safely resume operation while keeping both employees and customers informed in real-time.”

HidraLink is Affordable, Scalable and Flexible to Deploy

HidraLink is a professional video display solution that provides an ideal platform for instant temperature screening of a few or many people at once in high-traffic areas using advanced thermal imaging cameras. While COVID-19 has caused a sudden demand for thermal imaging solutions, Hiperwall has been integrating thermal imaging into its video wall platform for over a decade, with its first major installation featuring this screening capability being the BrusselsInternational Airport. HidraLink’s low barrier to entry puts this same kind of transparent screening technology in reach of all businesses, and it can be scaled to address most business needs.

HidraLink also offers deployment flexibility, allowing up to four displays to be placed separate from one another throughout a room, or installed in a 2×2 video wall layout where one image can be stretched across all four screens. Setup is simple too! Displays are mounted to a wall and connected to a local PC via HDMI cables. Once connected, HidraLink software does the rest, providing users an intuitive interface for sending a thermal camera feed and individual desktop applications to the displays. The operator can continue their workflow on their control PC while applications are sent to displays in the background.

For quick deployment, Hiperwall has teamed up with Seneca to offer certified, turn-key hardware solutions for a wide range of video wall applications. Additionally, the company has tested and validated support for thermal imaging cameras from FLIR®, Fotric and Seek™ Thermal.

HidraLink is ideal for restaurants, QSR, small retail stores, medical and dental offices, small businesses, security and schools. For more information about HidraLink or Hiperwall’s video wall solutions, please visit

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About Hiperwall, Inc.
Hiperwall, Inc., a leading company in next generation video wall systems and distributed visualization software technology, is transforming the industry by eliminating the need for specialized servers, matrix switches, tangled cables and time-consuming training in favor of a solution that is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the budget. Hiperwall has eliminated these barriers by developing a software-based video wall system that is completely hardware agnostic, allowing users to deploy systems with nothing more than commonly available PCs, monitors and network equipment. For more information, visit

With New Direction, Clarion Marine Relaunches in the U.S. Retail Market

With New Direction, Clarion Marine Relaunches in the U.S. Retail Market

Starting this summer, Clarion Marine will bring new products to a renewed network of authorized retailers.

Clarion Marine is positioned to make 2020 a breakout year by returning to the retail marine audio channel, under the management of JL Audio, Inc. The company has expanded Clarion Marine’s distributor base and is building a network of specialty retailers.

This follows JL Audio, Inc.’s licensing of the Clarion Marine brand from Clarion Co., Ltd. of Japan, an agreement not affected by the subsequent acquisition of Clarion Co., Ltd. by Faurecia, a global automotive supplier based in France.

Since the licensing agreement went into effect in late 2018, JL Audio hired a dedicated group of product planners, engineers and supply chain experts to form a product development team that could lead Clarion Marine’s return to prominence in the marine audio market. The first wave of new products from this team will debut this summer, with many more products scheduled for delivery in 2021.

“Clarion has a deep history as a pioneering car audio company, and a particularly strong reputation as a marine audio brand. We accepted the challenge to return Clarion Marine to a leadership position with products that are relevant, well-priced and able to deliver a great customer experience,” said Andy Oxenhorn, President of JL Audio, Inc.  “It’s very exciting to see the product development team’s hard work come to market. With our disciplined marketing and distribution plan, we expect Clarion Marine to set new records for sales by 2023.”

The Clarion Marine product line is well-focused at key retail price points and will rely on a distribution model that recognizes the value of approved brick and mortar retail outlets. Key distribution partners sharing the company’s vision for the Clarion Marine brand will also play a key role in some markets.

A select group of authorized internet retailers, meeting Clarion Marine’s high standards, will be authorized to sell online.

JL Audio, Inc’s network of sales representatives will manage retail accounts across the United States, guided by the JL Audio, Inc’s sales team. VP of US Retail Sales, Brian Power said, “We have such a great opportunity in front of us, with a great plan for Clarion Marine that complements our well-established JL Audio brand. Our sales team is already hard at work, looking for the best opportunities for success in each market.”

Manville Smith, VP of Marketing for JL Audio, Inc. said, “Our new Clarion Marine tagline, ‘Let’s Hear It.’, anchors our brand message for Clarion Marine. We will focus on communicating in human-centered terms that emphasize the enjoyment our products bring to boaters.” Smith continued, “We will also place an emphasis on Clarion Marine’s longstanding reputation for building products that last in real marine use. We call it ‘Salt and Sun Certified,’ which is a short way of describing the intense testing and certification our products must pass.”

Clarion Marine products have already begun shipping to authorized retailers around the U.S.A.

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About Clarion Marine:
With a history spanning eight decades, Clarion has long been recognized as a trendsetter in the audio space – pioneering in the marine audio category starting in 1995. From that point forward, Clarion Marine has built a reputation for providing marine-grade products that provide an uncompromising blend of performance, value and durability. Today, Clarion Marine products come standard or as optional equipment from several top boat manufacturers and can be purchased at leading audio resellers and retailers globally. For more information, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.