Dynabook Makes Ubimax Frontline App Suite Available on DynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

Dynabook Makes Ubimax Frontline App Suite Available on DynaEdge AR Smart Glasses

Combined Ubimax AR Software & dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses Solution Ideal for Frontline Workers in Manufacturing, Logistics, Field Service & Remote Support Enterprises


Dynabook Americas, Inc. (formerly Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.), today announced the North American availability of the Ubimax Frontline application suite for the dynaEdgeTM AR Smart Glasses. Ubimax’ Frontline application suite is optimized for the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses to deliver frontline workers in manufacturing, logistics, field service and remote support use cases a complete end-to-end AR solution with Task Flow capabilities. The combined AR smart glasses solution features a Windows 10 Pro environment and offers an on premise server option for advanced, enterprise-grade security that differentiates it from other AR solutions.

Dynabook plans to demonstrate the Ubimax Frontline applications on its AR smart glasses at Field Services 2019 this week in Palm Desert, Calif.
“Since launching the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses last year, we have sought out and formed strategic alliances with innovative organizations to maximize the impact of our AR solution to large enterprises,” said Phillip Osako, vice president, marketing and engineering, Dynabook Americas, Inc. “Combining the Ubimax Frontline application suite with our dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses results in a powerful Windows-based tool that can seamlessly and securely integrate into any enterprise environment and improve the efficiency and productivity of their workers.”

“It is great working with Dynabook, a reliable and committed partner which has such a great heritage in the laptop space and really knows how to service enterprise customers with high quality products,” said Percy Stocker, President of Ubimax, Inc. “The dynaEdge device with its Windows-based operating system addresses the need of all security concerned enterprises, especially in the aerospace and defense sector, that believe the other non-Windows based devices pose too much of a security threat.”

The Frontline application suite is designed around four award-winning solutions: xPick, xMake, xInspect and xAssist. Ubimax’ Frontline application suite are the company’s first software solutions to be ported over to a Microsoft Windows environment.

xPick allows for hands-free, high-speed order picking while simultaneously reducing the number of picking errors. xPick features optional modules for weight checks, barcode scans, localization, or voice confirmations, error rates can be further reduced.

xMake is a “make-by-vision” solution for manufacturing, assembly line support and quality assurance. This software plus the dynaEdge AR smart glasses eliminate the need for static step-by-step assembly and quality assurance procedures and increase the speed at which tasks are completed accurately.

xInspect is an inspection solution targeting all kinds of service & maintenance processes in various industries. xInspect frees-up a technician’s hands enabling them to focus on the task at hands with all the information needed in available in the display of the smart glasses.

xAssist is a remote service and maintenance solution powered by latest Smart Glass technology. It helps enterprises and organizations to significantly speed up reaction times with interactive video sharing, while simultaneously reducing travel time and costs for experts.

The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses is the first completely wearable AR solution to combine the power of a Windows 10 Pro PC with the performance-based feature set of industrial-grade smart glasses. This AR solution includes the dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC, dynaEdge AR100 Head Mounted Display (HMD), Lens-Less Frame, USB-C™ Cable with Cable Clip and carrying case. The dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses have a starting price point of $1,899.99.

Dynabook developed its dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses solutions to meet the performance demands of enterprise workplaces through the adoption of 6thGeneration Intel® Core™ M Processors, Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 802.11ac Wi-Fi®. These technologies allow enterprises to integrate the Dynabook AR solution into their existing infrastructure.

Designed for enterprise customers, dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses provide Step-by-Step Instructions, Document Viewing, Live Video Calls, See-What-I-See, Photo/Video Capture, Alerts/Messaging, making it ideal for a variety of uses cases, including Maintenance, Remote Expert, Manufacturing, QA Inspection & Audit, Logistics, Training and Knowledge Transfer.

Dynabook also recently announced the availability of its Developer’s Kits for customers or application developers looking to design specialized software for the smart glasses. The company will offer Developer’s Kits with two different configurations – Basic and Performance to best meet a variety of industrial applications with pricing starting at $2,399.99. Customers interested in purchasing the dynaEdge AR Smart Glasses or Developer’s Kits should contact their sales representative or email the company at smartglasses@toshiba.com.

Sensory Brings Natural Language Understanding to the Edge with TrulyNatural

Sensory Brings Natural Language Understanding to the Edge with TrulyNatural

Ideal for Home Appliances, IoT, Set Top Box, Automobiles and More, TrulyNatural Offers a Fast and Reliable Voice Interface Without Privacy Concerns


Santa Clara, Calif., – April 18, 2019– Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley company dedicated to pioneering new capabilities for machine learning and embedded AI, today announced the first full feature release of TrulyNatural, the company’s embedded large vocabulary speech recognition platform, with natural language understanding. With more than 50 people-years of development and five years of beta testing behind it, TrulyNatural will helpcompanies move beyond the cloud tocreate exciting products capable of natural language interaction withoutcompromisingtheir customers’ privacyand without the high memory cost of open source-based solutions.
In March of 2019, PCMag.compublished results from a consumer survey where 40-percent of the 2,000 US consumers questioned placed privacy as their top concern related to smart home devices in their homes; far surpassing other concerns like cost, installation, product options and cross platform interoperability. Furthermore, Bloomberg published an article last week titled, “Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa,” which explains that Amazon’s Alexa team does in fact pay people to listen to recordings for algorithm training purposes. The Bloomberg article quoted, “Occasionally the listeners pick up things Echo owners likely would rather stay private: a woman singing badly off key in the shower, say, or a child screaming for help. The teams use internal chat rooms to share files when they need help parsing a muddled word—or come across an amusing recording.”

Privacy has never been a hotter topic than it is today. TrulyNatural is the perfect solution for addressing these consumer concerns, because it provides devices with an extremely intelligent natural language user interface, while keeping voice data private and secure; voice requests never leave the device, nor are they ever stored.

“To benefit from the advantages afforded by cloud-based natural language processing, companies have been forced to risk customer privacy by allowing always listening devices to share voice data with the recognition service providers,” said Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory. “TrulyNatural does not require any data to leave the device and eliminates the privacy risks associated with sending voice data to the cloud, and as an added benefit it allows product manufacturers to own the customer relationship and experience.”

TrulyNatural can provide a natural language voice UI on devices of all shapes and sizes, and can be deployed for domain-specific applications, such as home appliances, vehicle infotainment systems, set top boxes, home automation, industrial and enterprise applications, mobile apps and more. Sensory is unique in developing its speech recognizer from scratch with the goal of providing the best quality of experience in the smallest footprint. Many companies take open source solutions and resell it. Sensory explored doing this too, but found that it could create its own solution that is an order of magnitude smaller than open source options without sacrificing performance, boasting an excellent task completion rate measured at greater than 90 percent accuracy1. TrulyNatural can be as small as under 10MB in a natural language and large vocabulary setting, but it can also be scaled to support broad-domain applications like virtual assistants and call center chatbots with a virtually unlimited vocabulary. By categorizing speech into unlimited intents and entities, the natural language understanding component of the system enables intelligent interpretation of any speech and does not require scripted grammars.

“Consumer concerns over security and privacy have been growing over time and Sensory’s TrulyNatural platform addresses this by embedding natural language speech recognition locally on device.  As a result, TrulyNatural improves response time and delivers a high performing, more secure and reliable solution.  Product manufacturers will appreciate TrulyNatural’s speech engine technology because it enables them to implement a highly valued voice experience through their own brand name and avoid surrendering customers to a potential competitor,” said Dennis Goldenson, Research Director, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with SAR Insight and Consulting.

Designed to run completely on an applications processor, TrulyNatural does not require an internet connection, as all of the speech processing is done natively (at the edge), not in the cloud.It enables a safe, secure, consistent, reliable and easy to implement experience for the end-user, free of requiring any extra apps or WIFI to be setup or operational. By combining TrulyNatural with other Sensory technologies, such as TrulyHandfreetmwake words, product manufacturers can further enhance the user experience offered by their products by utilizing their own branded wake words, or even let the customer create their own. Furthermore, device manufacturers can bolster the security of their devices by pairing TrulyNatural with TrulySecuretmto restrict user access or features through voice biometrics.

As an added bonus, TrulyNatural can be combined with other Sensory technologies to unlock powerful features and capabilities. These technologies include:
●     TrulyHandsfree custom branded always listening wake words
●     Seamless enrollment of regular users
●     TrulySecure speaker identification and verification
●     TrulySecure face and/or voice biometrics
●     Sound identification

TrulyHandsfree TrulyNatural currently supports US English, with UK English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish planned for release in 2019 and 2020. SDK’s are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and other leading platforms.

For more information about this announcement, Sensory or its technologies, please contact sales@sensory.com; Press inquiries: press@sensory.com.

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About Sensory Inc.
Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” touchless control. To date, Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over a billion units of leading consumer products.

TrulyNatural is a trademark of Sensory Inc.

1: A home appliance task was analyzed through a spectrum of accented US English speakers across a mix of distances (1-10 ft) with a variety of background noise sources and levels representing realistic home conditions. Tasks included cooking methods, timers, time periods, food types and other possible functions (reset, stop, open/close, etc.) and users were not instructed on things they could or couldn’t request. Multiple types of entities and intents were chosen through NLU and one or more errors from a single phrase would be counted as an error, such that only completely correct interpretations were counted as accurate task completions. Garbage phrases that were ignored were counted as correct, any action taken on a garbage phrase was counted as failure. The task completion rate was measured at over 90% accurate.

Mobile Computing Pioneer Changes Name to Dynabook

Mobile Computing Pioneer Changes Name to Dynabook

The dynabook Brand Represents More Than 30-Years of Innovation, Quality and Reliability


Dynabook Americas, Inc. is the new name of Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc., effective immediately the company announced today. The company plans to continue offering award-winning, business-focused mobile and IoT products in the United States.
“Although our name is changing, we are still the company that in 1985 introduced the world’s first laptop and pioneered the adoption of more than 30 World’s First Technologies, including design, battery, display and wireless breakthroughs, which have shaped the modern laptop,” said Takayuki Tono, senior vice president, Dynabook Americas, Inc. “We will continue to reinvent mobility, expand our IoT and AR Smart Glasses portfolios and deliver world-class support to help improve our customers’ ability to work smarter and accomplish more.”
The name change ensures synergy for Dynabook Americas with its parent company Dynabook Inc., (formerly Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.), which officially changed its name on January 1, 2019. The name change has no impact on the day-to-day business of Dynabook Americas and is a unifying measure to align our PC business globally. In addition, affiliated companies in Europe, Singapore, Canada and Australia will also incorporate “Dynabook” into their naming conventions and complete the organization’s global naming strategy.

The dynabook brand is well established in Japan and represents more than 30-years of award-winning products featuring a wide variety of world’s first technological innovations. Dynabook Americas looks to build on this heritage of innovation, reliability and quality in the United States. During the past three decades, the company has introduced the world to the following technologies: TFT Color Display, Integrated Optical Drive, Wireless Docking, Quad Core HD Processor and 4K Display in a laptop.

To maximize the power of the brand, Dynabook Americas plans to continue using the popular sub-brands of Portégé, Tecra and DynaEdge on its award-wining mobile computers and emerging solutions business. The company plans to grow its product and solutions portfolio and roll-out new products featuring the dynabook brand in the second quarter of 2019.

About Dynabook Americas, Inc. (formerly Toshiba America Client Solutions, Inc.)Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Dynabook Americas, Inc., provides a diverse portfolio of the enterprise-grade hardware and software offerings, including awarding-winning mobile computers, innovative wearable devices, augmented reality applications and security solutions. Dynabook designs, engineers and manufactures its offerings in its own-operated facilities to ensure quality and reliability. Dynabook Americas is an independent operating company wholly-owned by Dynabook, Inc., of Japan, a majority-owned company of Sharp Corporation. For more information on Dynabook Americas visit https://us.dynabook.com.

About Dynabook Inc. (formerly Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.)For over 30 years, Dynabook laptops and technology have set the standard for innovation, quality and reliability. Now affiliated with Sharp Corporation, Dynabook Inc., continues that tradition by delivering rich value and services that support our partners and customers in achieving their goals.