Clarion Unveils Multiple New Technologies for Safer Deployment of Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles at CES 2019

Clarion Unveils Multiple New Technologies for Safer Deployment of Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles at CES 2019

Boasting a 30,000 sq./ft. custom-built hybrid exhibit and live vehicle demonstration track, Clarion to demo its latest self-cleaning camera systems for autonomous vehicles, Level-4 autonomous driving ECU solutions, as well as the latest in driver connectivity and monitoring solutions


LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2019 – Clarion Corporation of America, a leader in automotive infotainment and advanced driver safety and assistance systems, announced today that it is participating at CES 2019 with a massive 30,000 sq./ft. exhibit and demonstration space, featuring a custom-built gallery-style display and hospitality suite, and a live vehicle demonstration track. The company will be showcasing and demonstrating a variety of new camera-based vision solutions, designed to make autonomous driving systems more reliable, especially in less than ideal road and weather conditions. The company will also be showcasing and demonstrating a variety of new and innovative connectivity, infotainment, and in-car audio technologies, as well as unveil future concepts.
With automotive technologies taking center stage at CES, Clarion will be demonstrating its commitment to advancing the state-of-the-art for autonomous driving, vehicle connectivity, driver awareness and driver/vehicle safety systems. Additionally, the company will be showcasing the latest advancements in vehicle infotainment systems, as well as the latest in efficient high-performance audio systems for today’s hybrid and electric vehicles.

Clarion’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving (AD), HMI and Automotive Vision System demonstrations include:

ADAS and Level 3 and Level 4 Autonomous Driving Technology:

  • Clarion ALWAYSCLEAR™:Unveiling at CES 2019 the world’s first vehicle integrated with a four-camera dirt-sensing self-washing camera system, Clarion’s innovative solution is designed for self-parking and Level 4 and 5 autonomous cars where the surround camera system plays a crucial role and needs to remain clean at all times.
  • Clarion NIGHTWATCH™:An advanced Near-infrared (NIR) camera system, Nightwatch allows for excellent nighttime camera visibility for backup cameras, ADAS and autonomous driving applications.
  • Autonomous Valet and Car Summoning: The visitors to Clarion’s exhibit will experience in-car demos of self-parking and vehicle summoning solutions, co-developed with Hitachi Automotive Systems.

In-Car Infotainment and Audio Systems:

  • Tactile Wave Audio: This new system delivers refined, high-quality audio in a super compact size, leveraging interior components of the automobile to deliver sound and through cone-less speakers. This is an extremely compact, light and efficient system, ideal for CUV’s, SUV’s, as well as Electric and Hybrid vehicles.
  • Next Generation Smart Cockpit technologies: Integrated in-car AI for driver monitoring, haptic feedback and other HMI technologies.
  • Clarion’s scalable IVI systems:  Display Audio units and Electronic Control Panels, configurable to meet a wide range of applications and system costs.

Clarion’s exhibit at CES 2019 is located outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) south hall in the Platinum Lot, booth PL3. Media interested in visiting the Clarion exhibit are required to contact Clarion in advance to secure appointments as admittance to the exhibit is by invitation only. To request a time slot for a press demonstration, please email

For more information about Clarion’s in-vehicle products and technologies, commercial vehicle systems and other automotive solutions, please

IOGEAR To Debut Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UltraHD Video Extender AT CES 2019

IOGEAR To Debut Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UltraHD Video Extender AT CES 2019

Send Uncompressed 4K UHD Audio and Video from an HDMI Source Up to 50 Feet


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Jan.  7, 2019 – IOGEAR, a manufacturer of innovative, high-performance connectivity products for consumers and organizations of varying sizes, announces its new the Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UltraHD Video Extender (GW4K30GH60) which sends uncompressed audio and video at near-zero latency is ideal for wireless streaming and gaming over short ranges.
The Ultra-Fast Wireless Extender, which was named a CES 2019 Innovations Award Honoree, makes it possible and now affordable to easily send 4K UltraHD (3840 x 2160) and high-quality lossless audio without cables. Send content from an HDMI source to a 4K UHD HDMI TV without the added expense and clutter of running cables between source equipment and the display up to 50 feet. The Extender eliminates the need for HDMI cables in the same room and is ideal for use anywhere that cable-runs are impractical or inconvenient giving users the flexibility to place their source and display equipment wherever is most convenient in a larger room.

With near-zero latency, the GW4K30GH60 supports advanced wireless technology that is fast enough to support today’s hottest gaming and streaming services. In addition to high quality video, the Extender supports the highest standards of audio performance through Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD® Master Audio and LPCM digital audio streaming and up to 7.1 surround sound channels with HBR lossless audio.

Unlike other wireless AV solutions that utilize the increasingly crowded 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands, the Ultra-Fast 4K Wireless Extender transmits uncompressed high-definition AV over the 60GHz frequency band minimizing potential interference from household devices. The Extender’s directional antennas utilize beamforming technology which sends a directed signal between the transmitter and receiver eliminating interference from nearby devices ensuring the highest performance even in congested wireless settings.

Consumers who utilize a high-speed router or whole home Wi-Fi system to distribute their high-quality audio and video to a TV often see signal loss, drops and video buffering as high-quality audio and video demands high bandwidth and can compete with other Wi-Fi devices for this bandwidth. The Wireless Extender is a dedicated, closed wireless system exclusively for AV. It does not require connection to an existing home Wi-Fi system and therefore does not consume bandwidth needed for the home’s other wireless devices. The Wi-Fi bandwidth coming from a dedicated router or whole-home Wi-Fi system is now available for Internet data and small-screen streaming connectivity throughout the home.

Designed to blend in, not detract from the surrounding décor in the home or office, the compact transmitter and receiver are embedded in a modern, subdued, black aluminum housing and require just a small footprint to connect directly to the source and display respectively. The GW4K30GH60 comes with all the hardware needed for a quick setup of a game station, laptop or other source.

The Ultra-Fast Wireless 4K UHD Video Extender, GW4K30GH60,  carries a limited one-year warranty and will be available beginning Q1 2019 at an MSRP of $249.95.  Visit www.iogear.comfor more information on IOGEAR’s portfolio of innovative, award-winning connectivity solutions.